Scholastics / scholasticism / scholastic philosophy (monotheism) (wiki)

     Eric Berne - Games People Play William Henry - The Watchers Richard Rubenstein - Aristotle's Children Iain McGilchrist - The Master and his Emissary Mikkel Claire Nissen - Manipulism Love, Work and Knowledge Alick Bartholomew - Hidden Nature   

    Joseph Louis Perrier - The Revival of Scholastic Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century

                    Rollo May - The Crisis       Michael Tsarion - The Secondary Crisis

             Liberal or Conservative?   Edmund Burke's Conservatism      Spiriutality    Think of God as your Higher Self   The Philosophy of Scholastics


      Maurice De Wulf - Scholasticism Old and New: An Introduction to Scholastic Philosophy

          Maurice De Wulf - Philosophy and Civilization in the Middle Ages

               Maurice De Wulf - A Manual of Modern Scholastic Philosophy

                       Maurice De Wulf - History of Medieval Philosophy /// epub

                                            Maurice De Wulf (wiki bio)                                  


      Roger Scruton - The Soul of the World  Jordan Ayan - Aha   The Piano Teacher  All about Lily Chou-Chou The Stanford Prison Experiment   Arthur Herman - The Cave and the Light        


           Peter Kreeft - The Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas                 Mario DiNunzio - Who Stole Conservatism     Keith Scott-Mumby - DNA Secrets (backup) Lynne McTaggart - The Field      Roger Trigg - Beyond Matter