Schooling (see also: scientism)


           John Stormer - None Dare Call it Education       Closing the Mind           The Case Against Education

                                             (see also: None Dare Call it Treason)               Why Academics Don't Excell (arrogant and fearful)


                                        ---  The Forbidden Education  ----          Rollo May - The Crisis   John Coleman

                                                     (documentary)                               Michael Tsarion - The Secondary Crisis

          John Taylor Gatto (other audiobooks: Downpour)        E.D Hirsch       John Holt (Kobo - eBooks - Downpour - AudiobookStore)

                                                      Chap Clark - Hurt 2.0                                                                  Alexander Lowen - Narcissism                             Frank Bruni - Where You Go is Not Who You'll Be

           Ivan Illich (Kobo - eBooks)      Paulo Freire    Killing the Spirit        Montessori                 The Leipzig Connection     Altruistic / Dogooder Narcissism

         "Nice, But Running Away" - Manipulism - Disciplined Minds - The Killing of a Sacred Deer

                         Wounded by School - The Believers - Abandonment - "The Disaster"


          Charlotte Iserbyt         Alfie Kohn  (audiobooks: Downpour - AudiobookStore)     Samuel Blumenfeld (Amazon)