Life is meaningless unless you want to be alive.


It's the way you and your surroundings live that eventually make people wonder if it is.

Those who don't want to question whether they, or their surroundings, are doing something wrong, want to

destroy, control or self-destruct.


Sadly, very few speak up, so things keep getting worse.

It's probably because people are afraid of who they really are. Their shadow:


             Most people's ancestors sold their souls to someone they envied rather than ask the divine to attain the ability

             to create REAL and SPIRITUAL progress. Deep down people know this, and are ashamed of it.


             That's why they don't care about you (or at least want you to pass through a degrading obstacle course first)

             if you don't fit into "the system" (the soul owner's system?) or can tell them that there is something

             wrong with it. The shame is why, when the system asks for it, people don't hesitate to be injected with

                        all kinds of things to, hopefully, keep the system going (mp4, 45 MB).

                                                                Please participate in asking the universe's creator to help us out.


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Life is meaningless without a mind. Are you - is the world - ruled by minds that are afraid of themselves?

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                                                                      Life should be an endless experience

                                                                not a clueless pursuit of parental mirroring

                                                                                     Who Are You?    The Control Network


                                                                                                                                                                              the world around you is chasing a fraud

                                                                                       unless they're willing to review their shadows, it's pretty certain that it's futile to try get through to them, the shame of lacking self-mirroring is too painful                                                                                                                                                                                                     


                                                                      Jordan Ayan - Aha: Free Your Spirit                             

So afraid that they don't dare to think critically about how they live their lives? Is that a world you want to live in?

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Being in the creation of others is like having to be lucky to fit in.

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